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Career Services

We assist jobseekers with job search strategy, interview prep, & resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn services. 

We offer services to jobseekers in *all* industries (except academic research or federal government), leveraging our 20+ years' experience to help you land the job you want. We know how recruiters evaluate candidates, and we know how to best highlight your value to employers.

"I signed up for your services a little over a month ago, and I gotta say, the advice and edits you suggested to my resume have been absolutely game changing... After implementing the changes you suggested, I had a massive uptick in recruiter outreach and am proud to say that I accepted a position this week with a company that not only values my future development but understands that I may not have all the experience I need at the moment, but rather I have the skills necessary to excel at the job; all for a whopping 48% increase in my base salary...Your advice has been invaluable and utilizing your services was a Godsend." - DL (Review Client)

"I came to Adam when I was facing a tough decision between a new opportunity and a strong counter offer. Adam helped me see my worth and figure what was important to me. He gave me the confidence to take a much-needed leap and secure a 40% salary increase." - JS (Coaching Client)

"Thanks a million for your edits! I absolutely abhor networking and typically submit job applications cold...even the referrals I did get from friends and networking practices touted by some LinkedIn influencers got me nowhere. I noticed a reasonable uptick in first round interviews after implementing your changes and ultimately landed a gig with a 65% pay increase.  For the first time I have equity grants as part of my compensation package. It finally feels like I’m being paid for my value I bring to a company." - GC (Review Client)

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AI-generated headshots, online courses, and even online therapy!

NOTE - If it is past the estimated completion time provided on your service at the time of purchase (the ETA is also indicated on your order confirmation email), your service HAS been completed and emailed back to you. If you do not see it in your inbox, please manually check *all* available folders, such as Spam, Promotions, Shopping, etc. If, for some reason, you do not see it after manually searching in your email folders, reach out to us, and we can re-send it.


A note from Adam: "I feel the review is a more holistic approach to finding a job as many clients have reported that incorporating the advice helps them realize all they have to offer to a new company. As they gain clarity on their skills and value, they become empowered to seek the roles they truly deserve and perform their best in interviews."

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