Adam gives your profile a “recruiter audit.” He knows how recruiters search profiles and he can help you not just be found, but contacted. Utilizing his 18+ years of successful recruiting experience, he scrutinizes your information through the eyes of a recruiter. He checks it for grammar issues and other issues that could hurt your chances, including how you present your experience, as well as what necessary information may be lacking.


He reads and evaluates the focus, content, and overall effectiveness of your profile, line by line, telling you how to remove/avoid red flags and, based on your background and desired role, best highlighting your value to recruiters and hiring managers. 
He gives you detailed recommendations on fixing these issues (i.e., what information should be added, excluded, quantified, etc.). 

I make you aware of any potential issues and give you detailed recommendations on fixing these issues (i.e., what information should be added, excluded, quantified, etc.).


NOTE FROM ADAM - For jobseekers, I actually feel the review service benefits you the most. I feel the review is a more holistic approach to finding a job. Offering specific advice and guidance on how to improve your documents helps you realize all that you have to offer to a new company. A lot of times, people think it’s easier just to have me do all the work and buy the EDIT packages (and, let's be honest, it *is* easier), but people have told me the review packages help them feel self-empowered, updating their documents with my advice. As a result, they are often more confident in the interview process.


When checking out, add a note to the order indicating the LinkedIn URL you wish to have reviewed.


Adam will review the profile and email back his thoughts and suggestions. It is not a live/collaborative process.


*Terms and Conditions* You will be asked at checkout to agree to all of the below terms and conditions before completing purchase.


For reviews, current turnaround is approximately 1 week from payment AND receipt of necessary documents.

By placing your order, you accept and understand the ETA for services. We would rather do it right and not rush to make a deadline, so some delays may occur.

All sales are final. If you get a new job, change your mind, etc., after submitting payment, Karpiak Consulting is under no obligation to refund services. Our availability is extremely limited, and purchasing a service takes away an opportunity from another customer who needs it. If you change your mind and would like to donate the service to someone else, please let us know. If you purchase a service and do not email your url within 7 days, your service will be donated to someone who cannot afford the services. Please be prepared to submit your documents at time of purchase.

If requesting a review, when the review is sent back to you, the process is complete, and the product is final.

Karpiak Consulting makes no guarantee of success utilizing provided advice/documents as hiring consists of many variables.

You are responsible for finalizing and verifying your documents’ accuracy before submitting them to job applications or networking. You are under no obligation to use any advice, suggestions, or documents provided by Karpiak Consulting, and you choose to do so at your discretion.

Karpiak Consulting is not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or any other inaccuracies in any advice given or documents provided.

*NOTE FROM ADAM* The information provided, whether in a review or revisions made, are just opinions and suggestions. You are under no obligation to use any information provided. There are no guarantees that the information provided will find you a job. Hiring is extremely subjective and there is no one true "right" or "wrong" way to construct a resume. These suggestions are based on successful observations and prior experience.

LinkedIn Profile Review