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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you write resumes from scratch?

No, we review and/or edit existing resumes.

Do you help jobseekers in all industries?

Mostly. We do not have experience in Federal resumes. We also don’t have experience in academia. Teachers, yes. But if your primary function has been research, we don’t have experience in that. We also don’t work with CVs, just resumes.

Don’t you need specific experience having worked in, or recruited for, a specific industry?

In our opinion, no. Hiring is hiring. How you best highlight your skills and value is independent of industry.

Is this a collaborative process?

No, this is not a live/collaborative process. When requesting a review, the process is complete when the review is sent back to you and the product is final. When requesting an edit, the process is complete when the resume or cover letter is sent back to you and the product is final. If more information is needed for the resume, i.e., computer skills, expansion of skill/duty bullet points, quantification of successes, etc., that information will have to be provided by the individual at the time of purchase when the resume is submitted. If, when reviewing the documents, Adam determines more information is needed, we will request it.

Regarding the editing service, are there multiple drafts or revisions?

There are no multiple drafts or revisions, as the finished product is our opinion of what a successful resume would look like for you. The work is based on Adam's experience and observations.

Why do some services say “Out of Stock?”

If a service shows "Out of stock," we are currently unable to accept new orders for that service due to scheduling constraints, as Adam personally completes the service for each customer. We can only take on as much as we can finish in a timely manner. Be sure to sign up to be notified when services are available weekly (typically Wed-Fri).

Do you keep a waiting list?

No. But if you would like to sign up to be notified when services are available, please visit We send an email informing you when they will become available, and another email when the services are live on the website. If you are interested, be sure to purchase in a timely manner after receiving the email, as services sell out quickly due to limited availability.

How long does the service take?

For reviews, the current turnaround is approximately 1 week from payment AND receipt of necessary documents. The current turnaround is approximately 2 weeks from payment AND receipt of necessary documents for edits. Turnaround for review gift cards is 2 weeks from redemption and receipt of necessary documents.

I need my service sooner than the ETA listed on the website. Is that possible?

Typically, no. Our schedule is pretty set. Occasionally we can work outside of normal business hours if a service needs to be rushed. If you would like to inquire about special timing and pricing, please contact

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds, and all sales are final. If you get a new job, change your mind, etc., Karpiak Consulting is under no obligation to refund services after submitting payment. If you do not agree with the opinions expressed in the review, or how the resume turned out, we do apologize, but these service offerings are based on Adam's expert opinion of what would give you the best chance to be hired.

Are your services guaranteed?

Absolutely not. Karpiak Consulting does not guarantee success utilizing provided advice/documents as hiring consists of many variables, including roles applied to, timing, interviewing skill, etc.

What makes your services different than other resume/career professionals?

We have no idea. We are not familiar with other professional services, how they perform their services, what their products look like, and the reasoning behind their techniques. We only know what has worked for us and what we believe to be successful.

I see you require documents to be submitted within 7 days of purchase. Why?

Because we have a very strict schedule, and delays can mess up our entire process. Our availability is extremely limited, and purchasing a service takes away an opportunity from another customer who needs it and is ready for help now.

If I purchase a resume review, can I later upgrade to an edit?

Maybe. If you would like Adam to implement the changes to the resume for you upon receipt of your review, email to inquire about schedule availability and cost. That being said, the edit might not "fix" all of the issues covered by the review. If the review finds there isn't enough information or more information needs to be provided, that's not something that we can fix on our own. Since it isn't a collaborative process, only you know the specific information we suggested adding. Reach out if you have questions about your specific review.

I disagree with the provided suggestions. Do I have to use them?

No! Whether in a review or revisions made, the information provided is just opinions and suggestions. You are under no obligation to use any information provided. There are no guarantees that the information provided will find you a job. Hiring is highly subjective, and there is no one true "right" or "wrong" way to construct a resume. These suggestions are based on successful observations and prior experience.

When I submit my resume and/or cover letter, do you care what format?

We prefer Word, but PDF is also ok as long as there is text and not graphics.

What is the difference between a review and an edit?

In the review, we send you detailed recommendations on fixing the issues (i.e., what information should be added, excluded, quantified, etc.). No editing is part of the review. With the edit, we do what we can to actually fix the issues and send you back an edited resume.

If I send you my documents, will you tell me if I should purchase a review or edit?

No, that is up to you. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured one way or another.

I purchased a review. Can I upgrade to an edit before you perform the service?

If there are still edits in stock on the website, yes. Just send us an email. If you purchase a resume review and then email asking to upgrade to an edit BEFORE the review service is completed and edits show out of stock on the website, we will be unable to accommodate that request due to strict scheduling.

Do I need PayPal to purchase your services?

No. PayPal is just the credit card processor. You can sign in and use PayPal to pay if you'd like.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not. We are a small company and do not have the administrative capacity. That being said, if you pay with PayPal, they *do* offer a “Pay in 4” option for eligible customers. This program has nothing to do with Karpiak Consulting and is direct with PayPal. If eligible, it will show up as an option when paying.

Are you experienced outside of the United States?

We are experienced in Canada, Mexico, and Australia. We are not experienced in other countries and are not comfortable with charging fees for hiring markets we are not experienced with and cannot help. If you are located in Canada, Mexico, or Australiaand would like to purchase a service, please contact

I feel my resume needs A LOT of work. Should I buy an edit?

If you think your resume needs a lot of work, email The editing fee assumes a "typical" edit in terms of effort and time. If your resume requires additional effort, it might be a higher cost. If you purchase an edit and your resume will need more than a "typical" service, we will email you ahead of time to discuss this.

Any other questions?


Can I purchase a review service as a gift for someone?

Yes! You can visit to purchase a LinkedIn review, cover letter review, resume review, or review bundle (all 3). The turnaround ETA for a review gift card is 2 weeks from redemption and submission of documents.

Can I buy an edit gift card?

No, we do not offer gift cards for edits due to scheduling purposes.

Can I purchase a review gift card and apply the amount towards an edit service.

No, the gift cards are *only* for review services.