I give your resume OR cover letter a “recruiter audit.” Utilizing my 15+ years of successful recruiting experience, I scrutinize your information through the eyes of a recruiter. I check it for grammar issues, formatting issues/potential ATS issues, and other potential red flags that recruiters/hiring managers would hold against you while reviewing your qualifications (including how you present your experience, as well as what may be lacking).


I give you detailed recommendations on fixing these issues (i.e., what information should be added, excluded, quantified, etc.).

When checking out, add a note to the order indicating if you want either a resume or cover letter review (or both, in which case, you must purchase 2 reviews).


After purchase, email the document(s) to akarpiak@karpiakconsulting.com


Service begins upon completion of payment AND receipt of documents.

Typical turnaround is 10 business days from receipt of documents.

All sales final.


Resume or Cover Letter Review

  • Unfortunately, we are not experienced in resumes/CVs or hiring markets outside of North America and cannot assist you. 

    We are also inexperienced in modifying non-US resume formats into a US format, but we would be happy to refer you to professionals who may be able to assist. Please email us for more information.

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