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Resume Services

We service all industries, offering a full service revamp of your job seeker documents or LinkedIn profile.

We offer resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile services for jobseekers in all industries, not just public accounting. We leverage our experience with successfully placing candidates for ~20 years to help you land the job you want. We know how recruiters evaluate resumes and can help you avoid red flags while highlighting your value to employers.

Complete your purchase and then send an email to with copies of (or access to) the documents you want to be reviewed/edited. If you're selecting the LinkedIn profile, simply put that in the subject of the email.

NOTE- If a service shows "Out of stock," we are unable to accept new orders for that service today due to scheduling constraints. Please check back tomorrow @ 8am EST.

Terms and Conditions - 


Due to high demand, turnaround ETA is approximately 3 weeks from payment AND receipt of necessary documents. We would rather do it right and not rush to make a deadline, so some delays may occur.


You are responsible for finalizing and verifying your documents’ accuracy before submitting them to job applications or networking. You are under no obligation to use any advice, suggestions, or documents provided by Karpiak Consulting, and you chose to do so at your discretion.


Karpiak Consulting is not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or any other inaccuracies in any advice given or documents provided.


It is your responsibility to review and finalize the document you utilize in your job search. Karpiak Consulting makes no guarantee of success utilizing provided advice/documents as hiring consists of many variables.


All sales are final. If you get a new job after submitting payment and documents for services, Karpiak Consulting is under no obligation to refund services.


If requesting an edit, when the resume or cover letter is sent back to you, the process is complete, and the product is final.


*NOTE* The information provided, whether in a review or revisions made, are suggestions. You are under no obligation to use any information provided. There are no guarantees that the information provided will find you a job. These suggestions are just opinions as there is no "right" or "wrong" way to construct a resume. These suggestions are based on successful observations and prior experience. Regarding the editing service, there are no multiple drafts or revisions as the finished product is our opinion of what a successful resume would look like for you.

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