I give your resume or cover letter a review, as described in the Review option, but then actually make the recommended changes for you.  Grammar and presentation issues will be fixed from my recruiting POV. Red flags will be fixed to the extent that I can…I can’t and won’t lie to make your experience seem better on paper.


If more information is needed for the resume, i.e., computer skills, expansion of skill/duty bullet points, quantification of successes, etc., that information will have to be provided by the individual at the time of purchase when the resume is submitted. If, when reviewing the documents, I determine more information is needed, I will request it. 


When checking out, add a note to the order indicating if you want either a resume or cover letter revision (or both).


After purchase, email the document(s) to akarpiak@karpiakconsulting.com


Service begins upon completion of payment and receipt of documents (and, if applicable, the requested information).


Typical turnaround is 10 business days from receipt of documents and information. When the resume or cover letter is sent back to you, the process is complete.


All sales final.

Resume or Cover Letter Review With Edits

  • Unfortunately, we are not experienced in resumes/CVs or hiring markets outside of North America and cannot assist you. 

    We are also inexperienced in modifying non-US resume formats into a US format, but we would be happy to refer you to professionals who may be able to assist. Please email us for more information.

  • The $500 cost for resume revisions assumes a "typical" edit in time spent to complete. There are circumstances where more difficult revisions will require more time and effort and, as a result, a higher cost to complete. If you feel your resume may require additional time/effort, please inquire before purchasing services. Once I receive your resume, I will evaluate if it will be a "typical" edit or will require more time and, as a result, a higher price.

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