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Job Submission

Want to promote an open job on our newsletter, Jobseeking is Hard?

Our newsletter, Jobseeking is Hard, is looking to offer as much assistance to jobseekers as possible. 

Are you currently recruiting for a job that could use some more candidates? Are you willing to be as transparent as possible regarding salary ranges, willingness to consider remote/hybrid candidates, and even suggest ways applicants can contact you?

Do you want to post your job to our newsletter...for free?

The newsletter is growing at a rapid rate! If you're interested in sharing your job opening with these jobseekers, all you have to do is complete this Google form: 

Jobseeking is Hard - Job Submission

Taking the data from the Google form, we generate an interactive dashboard which will then be publicly available to anyone reading the newsletter...for free.

We aren't looking for a referral fee or anything like that...just trying to help people find jobs.

All we ask is, when your submitted job is filled or no longer available, you email us at so we can remove it and not waste anyone's time with jobs that aren't active.

If that sounds of interest to you, submit your job today!

*NOTE* We reserve the right to reject any position that we are uncomfortable including. Thanks for your understanding.

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