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2022 Holiday Toy Drive

It's time for Karpiak Consulting's 6th Annual Holiday Toy Drive!


The 2022 Holiday Toy Drive has concluded. A huge thanks to all of you who contributed!

Are you currently unemployed or underemployed? Looking for some help with gifts for your kids this holiday season? Maybe we can help.

5 years ago, I found myself in possession of an extra Hess toy truck and decided to offer it up on LinkedIn to an unemployed/underemployed parent so they could give it to their kid. Turns out A LOT of parents wanted it. So I had an idea...let's use my professional network to help out as many families of unemployed/underemployed parents as possible. The holiday season can be super stressful with kids. When budgets are super tight due to one or both parents being out of a job (or barely making ends meet working one or two jobs), sometimes gifts just aren't in the budget. 

If you are unemployed/underemployed (or know someone that is) and could use some help this holiday season, here is what you can do (*NOTE* if you are looking to donate, scroll down to the bottom of this page for instructions):

Visit and complete the form. We ask for your name, your city/state, the ages of your children (you can include genders if you wish, but not required), your LinkedIn URL, and your Amazon Wish List (more on that below).


When you complete the form, the information you provide will be entered into a spreadsheet that people looking to donate can access. They will see all of the information you provide. We ask for the LinkedIn profile for transparency. Since the focus of the toy drive is to help unemployed/underemployed folks, in the past, we have found that people are more willing to help if there is a layer of transparency. Not that everyone is a liar, and not that everyone is skeptical. Still, it's just easier this way in terms of peace of mind (I'm sorry if this offends you. That isn't my intent.)

For the gifts, you must have an Amazon Wish List. If you are not familiar with Amazon Wish Lists, you can find instructions on how to create an Amazon Wish List here-

*NOTE* There are 3 important aspects to the Wish Lists:


1) You must pick specific items. If the item does not have a seller associated with it, a donor will not be able to purchase it and send it to you. Wish Lists must be specific items, not just generic ideas or items with multiple sellers.

2) The Wish List must have an address associated with it. Don't worry; the buyer can not see your address. You can find instructions on that here-

3) The Wish List must be public, not private. You can find instructions on that here-

As part of the Google Form, when you submit your info for the Toy Drive, you need to include the Wish List URL. You can find instructions on how to get the link to the Wish List here- Be sure to choose "View only" and then copy the link. Do not select "Invite by email."


1) Use one wish list per child. That way, the donors can make sure each child has appropriate coverage.

2) To ensure enough donors for all of the children, please limit your wish lists to 5 items per child.


3) Please try to be reasonable in your wish list selections. While it would be awesome for a child to get a PS5, it probably isn't feasible for the donors. 


4) Please do not add additional items to your list. If you list 5 items and items are purchased, please do not add more items to your list. We do this to be fair to all of the families involved and give all children an opportunity to have items purchased.

5) Please know that nothing is guaranteed. This toy drive is peer-to-peer, meaning donors view the wish lists and choose what (if anything) they want to purchase. Submitting a list does not mean items will be bought.


6) Please note we are unable to personally assist people in creating wish lists, ensuring wish lists are public, or containing addresses. I have found that the Amazon FAQs are very helpful with step-by-step directions. If you have difficulty, please ask a friend or family member for help. Also, Amazon's help is usually very friendly in answering questions.

7) Please don't contact us with questions regarding the Toy Drive. We'd love to personally help, but unfortunately, our schedule doesn't allow for it. 

8) The cutoff for submitting your Wish List will be 11/21. Ideally, the donors will be emailed the Wish Lists by 11/23. We *may* reopen the Wish Lists after that, depending on the number of recipients and donors. We want to ensure that there are adequate donors for all of the necessary families. 

What kinds of things should you add to your wish list? Some ideas:




Card/Board Games


Art Supplies


Baby Supplies

School Supplies

Amazon Gift Cards/Store Gift Cards are also a great idea. People can buy gift cards, and you can buy what your family needs. Consider adding multiple gift cards to your wish list in varying amounts.


If you want to be notified when the spreadsheet of Wish Lists is available, please visit and complete the form. We will email you a link to the Wish Lists when they are ready (probably on 11/23).


Once you get the link to the Wish Lists, you can view the lists, click, and buy. And don't worry...Wish Lists are automatically updated, so no items will be purchased more than once. 


I would love to try and help as many people as possible. Between LinkedIn and Twitter, my network has almost 500,000 followers, so I'm hoping we can really help a lot of kids his year! Thanks for your help!

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